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Learn Octopus Deploy Part 10: Integration with Microsoft Teams

A good practice is considered to update the team members about any state of the deployment either it is successful or not. In this post we will see how to integrate Microsoft Teams and OctopusDeploy. So here are the steps:

1) In Microsoft Teams open channel's connectors:

2) Choose Incoming Webhook and click Add:
3) Click Install:
4) Provide a meaningful name and upload an image if you need to:
5) Obtain a webhook URL for further usage:
6) In the OctopusDeploy you are going to need to install a template, titled Microsoft Teams - Post a message. Simply type teams in the search textbox to find one:
7) Go ahead and configure the step. Most of the settings will be provided out of the box. Just enter copied webhook url:
You are good to go now. Just launch the deployment process and observe the results in your channel of choice.
Btw. by default the message template provides a link to the Octopus web portal, where detailed information about the deploy will be provided:

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