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Becoming an Outlier: A Review


I’m not affiliated with Pluralsight in any way - I just love their products.

What I loved about it?

If You are serious about building an exceptional career in software development i strongly recommend You this course Becoming an Outlier by Cory House.

In this course Cory gives advices how to become an outlier (which is a professional, who is not interested in being average) by:

  • Commanding Your Time
  • Having Right Habits
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Hacking Your Image. Which is how You represent Your skills.
  • Owning Your Trajectory. Which basically means beeing proactive in Yor career.

It turned out that I've been doing outlier activities for a long time. The course summarized my knowledged and showed me some things, which I still have to improve and give them additional love.
The idea of being an outlier resonates with me and I went ahead and signed Outlier Manifesto immediately.

The manifesto is simple yet powerful:

  • I’m not interested in being average. I’m out to be exceptional.
  • I’m not waiting to be picked. I’m actively creating opportunities.
  • I’m commanding my time so I can own my trajectory and maximize my impact
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