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Learn MongoDB Part 0: The Goal

The Tragedy

Here is my second attempt to jump into NoSQL world in general and into MongoDB in particular. I have been working with NoSQL DBs like MongoDB, FireBase, Azure DocumentDB in my pet projects for some time. I even have a couple of projects leveraging NoSQL ideas in production. I do see the beauty and power of this approach. Who disagrees that working with entities like with in-memory collections makes more sense, instead of having redundant/complicated ORM level?
Anyway, I can't say that NoSQL is quite popular in the enterprise world though (at least in my experience). So I often have to argue with my clients or their architects/senior devs. At the end of the day they all say, that they don't know how to cook it, so let's stick to traditional SQL DBs.

The Goal

Taking "The Tragedy" part into account my goal is to become much more confident with NoSQL, have more authority and courage to convince my clients to use NoSQL solutions where it fits.

In addition to that I'm going to become MongoDB certified by passing the following exams: C100DEV:MongoDB Certified Developer Associate and C100DBA:MongoDB Certified DBA (optionally).

What to Expect

In this series of posts, I'm going to share my learning process. Since I like to return to some stuff I've learned and repeat it from time to time, each post will be like a standalone kata I'm going to practice later on. To be more specific I'll blog about how to cook MongoDB with .NET Core, best practices, patterns, etc. I'll create and share GitHub repositories with samples where it makes sense.

The Resources

I already have a GitHub repository dedicated to NoSQL stuff. However here is a MongoDB specific list of courses/learning materials I'm going to go through:

MongoDB University

Learn with me!

Blog posts in this series

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