NuGet: How Visual Studio stores custom feeds

To manage nuget feeds available to all projects/solutions go to Tools -> Options -> Nuget Package Manager -> Package Sources or Tools -> Nuget Package »

.NET Core: Docker and self-signed certificates

To leverage self-signed certificates in Docker you need to pass them somehow. There are multiple ways to do this: via COPY command during image build (considered »

.NET Core: Playing with self-signed certificates

.NET CLI has a command dev-certs to deal with self-signed development certificates. If the project is launched via Visual Studio F5 the certificate is going to »

GetHashCode: The Modern Way

Back in the days, we had to use XOR (^) or other cumbersome approaches, overriding GetHashCode function. Something like this: public class Client : IEquatable<Client> »

.NET Core: Produce Nuget Packages for Web Projects

The Problem: It turned out that calling dotnet pack command produces nothing for .NET Core web projects. After a quick googling I found the following Github »

.NET Core: Playing with HTTPS

I came to conclusion that dealing with certificates might be a challenge, especially when You are forced to do that occasionally and just want to get »

.NET Core: Provisioning Your Dev Environment With Simple Tools

Are you still spending days to provision/install your dev environment from scratch when you need to? You gotta stop it. It is insane. There is »

.NET Core: Watch out, Dude. node_modules Can Break Your Backend Build

Just faced an unexpected problem in my ASP.NET Core project. Here is the deal, I've added CLI tool for Angular2 support exactly to the web »

.NET Core: Azure WebJobs Gotchas

Problem I've just tried to publish a console application written in .NET Core and failed at first. Definitely some things have changed (last time i published »

C# 6 features under the hood

In this blog post I'm going to demystify how C# 6 features work under the hood. I'm going to introduce a feature first and then inspect »