GetHashCode: The Modern Way

Back in the days, we had to use XOR (^) or other cumbersome approaches, overriding GetHashCode function. Something like this: public class Client : IEquatable<Client> »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 10: Integration with Microsoft Teams

A good practice is considered to update the team members about any state of the deployment either it is successful or not. In this post we »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 9: Observe Config Values via Deployment Artifacts

My experience shows that sometimes for troubleshooting it is pretty handy to know what configuration parameters have been deployed. There is a couple of ways to »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 8: Variable Sets

A Variable Set - is a useful Octopus Deploy concept to share variable among multiple projects. Some prime candidate to live in Variable Sets are: Microservices »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 7: Anatomy of Built-in Packages Repository

The Octopus Deploy Server has a built-in packages repository. Typically you have to upload your package out there during the build process and reference it later »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 6: Adding Deployment Targets

A Deployment Target is simply a machine or a service (either on-premises or in the cloud), you are going to ship your software to. To add »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 5: Setting Up Roles

The best way to understand what exactly a role is in the Octopus Deploy context is to make an analogy: Usually, when you deploy your software »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 4: Setting Up Environments.

Octopus Deploy groups deployment targets into environments. A very simple definition of an environment - is a set of deployment targets. Development, test and production are »

.NET Core: Produce Nuget Packages for Web Projects

The Problem: It turned out that calling dotnet pack command produces nothing for .NET Core web projects. After a quick googling I found the following Github »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 3: Octopus Tentacle Installation

Octopus Tentacle is an agent which is installed on the target machines. Octopus Deploy server knows how to talk to these agents or tentacles and deploy »