Visual Studio: Paste JSON or XML as Classes

A really quick post today. Just figured out one nice gotcha in Visual Studio. Want to generate C# classes out of your XML/JSON copied to »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 1: Why Do You Need It?

As I mentioned in the previous post, Octopus Deploy is a release management and deployment automation tool, which shines exactly when You need to automate the »

Learn Octopus Deploy Part 0: The Goal

The Goal In this series of blog posts, I'm going to show how to install/configure and use Octopus Deploy, which is a release management and »

Learn MongoDB Part 1: Environment Setup

For experimenting with on-premises software, my tool of choice nowadays is Docker. There is a bare minimum to start playing with MongoDB: mongo shell to enter »

Learn MongoDB Part 0: The Goal

The Tragedy Here is my second attempt to jump into NoSQL world in general and into MongoDB in particular. I have been working with NoSQL DBs »

.NET Core: Playing with HTTPS

I came to conclusion that dealing with certificates might be a challenge, especially when You are forced to do that occasionally and just want to get »

Master environment variables per project with Direnv

I just faced an amazing tool, called Direnv, which I immediately put in my toolbox. The name reveals the intention - it manages environment variables per »

.NET Core : Solution's CLI Commands

Recently I had to grok a concept in C# for a line of business application. Only Mac with VS Code was at my disposal. Usually, a »

Elixir/Phoenix on Windows

Installation part Recently I attended LatCraft Elixir focused workshop by Boris Goriachev. It's been a while since I've touched Elixir. In addition to that only Windows »

.NET Core: Provisioning Your Dev Environment With Simple Tools

Are you still spending days to provision/install your dev environment from scratch when you need to? You gotta stop it. It is insane. There is »